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One would normally not see the month of January as the optimal time to tour Washington, DC.  After all, things can look pretty dismal; what with the trees lackluster and lifeless sans their leaves.  Many areas opt for fescue grasses which normally brown and go dormant during the winter months, hence a brown landscape versus the lush green landscapes we are accustomed to seeing the rest of the year.  Flowers and those abundant Cherry Trees rest their brilliancy, preparing to awaken in early spring.  Even people milling about seem a little drab in their winter apparel; a fashion statement of dark winter colors, mainly black, brown and shades of grey. 

This being said, I frankly think that this is the perfect time to visit our nation’s capital because there is little to compete with the beauty of the aged and historic buildings, the awe inspiring memorials, the National Mall, and probably some bargains that you would normally not find in peak travel months.

January is also a perfect time to visit the Capital, the White House, numerous museums and old and new memorials alike.  Winter spells smaller crowds, this means you can linger longer, drink in the sites as never before and ponder on all the greatness that surrounds you.  No need to rush . .

What better time than the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. day of observance, Monday, January 16th.  This three-day Federal holiday provides a good reason to take some time for reflection.  As an American, or would-be American there is no better example of what we are about.  Freedom rings louder in DC (although Philadelphians may disagree with me) and a feeling of pride is easily seen where ever you go with many American Flags displayed and testaments to how our nation was founded easily seen and read on numerous statues and plaque after plaque.

I remember well my first visit to our Nation’s capital.  It was a working vacation.  My 13-year old daughter traveled with me and my mouth was probably agape 85% of the time as we toured historic buildings, numerous memorials and attractions, one after the other.  I was spellbound while meandering through the Smithsonian.  Exhibit after exhibit enthralled us while the hours melted into minutes. 

There simply was not enough time to see all that I hoped to see, but the shudder I felt when I stood before Lincoln’s statue, the honor I felt when looking at the Washington Monument, the thrill I experienced when touring Thomas Jefferson’s home and gardens, the excitement I felt and the knowledge I gained when going from one room to the other in the Smithsonian, the trembling of my heart when seeing memorials dedicated to those who have served in our military services to keep us free simply did not prepare me for the lump in my throat and tears falling freely down my cheek as I stood in front of row after row of grave sites at Arlington National Cemetery.

Every where I looked, everything I touched, everything about Washington, DC was indeed special, precious to me, and a reminder that I indeed am lucky to have been born here.  I only hope that I will be lucky enough to return to this great city, even in the winter months.  The Korean War Veterans Memorial, the memorial for Women in Military Service for America and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (plus others I am unfamiliar with) have been added since my sojourn so many years ago.  How I long to be able to touch the marble and stone and to read what has been written about more great people that helped to shape our nation.

So, if you have the time off; do yourself a favor and make DC your destination in January 2012.  You’re sure to shed those winter blahs and get a whole new perspective and appreciation for the dedication of a few on behalf of many  . . .including  you and me!

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