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An original outhouse - Flickr image by andyarthur

I just love surfing the net; you never know what you’ll discover or what great little tid bit you’ll pick up.  It’s amazing at what you’ll see and learn.  This is one of the reasons I especially enjoy reading  travel articles. 

For instance, who would have thought reading about ‘toilets’ . .  aka the loo, the john or in polite society, the bathroom; interesting?  Check out this article found on Yahoo travel;  “Best Bathrooms in the USA” and you may just be saying to yourself, WOW!

Although I didn’t agree with the ranking (based on descriptions and photos of these various ‘pesonal’ retreats) I none-the-less found myself hoping to have the opportunity to see [use] one of them in my traveling future. 

Arizona morning sunrise - Flickr image by Observing Life

Blue sky sunset near Tonopah, AZ, Flickr image by Tony-the-Misfit

My favorite is the loo located in the Performing Arts Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Just reading the description, “The effect is meant to mimic the breathtaking Sonoran skies that blanket Scottsdale,” is enough to entice one to take a potty break. . .  This Northern lights type display surely is worthy enough to be #1.

Although, I have to say the most interesting tid bit about this particular travel article was the reference to Don’s Johns Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer.  Who would have thought, an outhouse on wheels . . . a luxurious one at that!

Here is a brief description of this outdoor latrine: “Beautiful interior with granite counters and shelves, black marbleized walls, wood panel doors, and hardwood-designed floor.”  Some of these distinctive outhouses even feature audio systems and large flat screen TV’s; certainly a far cry from out houses I had the unpleasant experience of using while growing up in the country.

And, to top it off, there is an award given for America’s Best Restroom.  Who knew?

I never know where I’ll go next or what I’ll blog about, but I hope you’ll join me,  from my ‘arm-chair’ or from been there, done that and 69 years of living!


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